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What is chiropractic? 

Chiropractic is based on scientific research and fact that our nervous system controls the function of each cell, tissue, organ and system in our body. Our nervous system is a complex network that is made up of the brain, spinal cord and bundles of nerves that are housed by the skull and 24 vertebra that make up our spine. When a vertebral segment is misaligned via Chemical Stress (pollution, alcohol, drugs, certain foods), Emotional Stress (Bad thoughts, stress, worry, emotional upset), Physical Stress (Car accidents, injuries) unwanted pressure is placed on a nerve causing a decreased signal from the brain, down the spinal cord resulting in subluxation (misalignment). 

It is the our belief that if the vertebra are not in their proper position and lacking proper motion, that this could result in joint and/or nervous system dysfunction. This specifically relates to our health, especially when ill. Our goal and job as your Doctor of Chiropractic, is to identify spinal misalignment and properly align the vertebra to help reduce and stabilizes the area to avoid continued physical compromise. 

Thoughts —> Traumas —> Toxins 

Chiropractic is safe, specific and effective for relieving pain and inflammation while stabilizing the joints for a healthy nervous system. 

I look forward to serving you!

Dr. Saylor