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Benefits of Hot Lemon Water for Skin & Weight Loss
Lemons have the unique ability to eat up carbs and sugars from the body and burn it for energy! They are very high in Vitamin C which also promotes collagen in the body (i.e. more youthful skin ;)) as well as boosting your fat burning efficiency as metabolic function!
• Juice from ½ of a FRESH lemon (no substitutes)
• Dash or two of cayenne pepper
• 1 tsp. raw local honey/at night, pure maple syrup for liver detox
Stir up and drink first thing in the morning…no coffee, tea, soda or food.
Want a boost of energy around 2pm? Instead of coffee, tea or energy drinks (which have extremely harsh side effects on the body) and further dehydrate you, making you even more tired, have a little hot or cold lemon water in a 20oz. mug or water bottle!  This rev’s up your metabolism, makes your skin glow, detoxes your body and makes you feel fuller so you do not eat poor processed foods to feed “hunger” (DEHYDRATION IS OFTEN MISTAKEN FOR HUNGER).

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