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At Saylor Chiropractic, you are not just another number…

"Highly recommend her"

Dr. Ashley is very passionate about what she does. She is always putting her patients first and caring for the person rather than the condition. Highly recommend her for all things health and chiropractic

— Cecelia

"Her treatments are truly life-changing!"

I started going to Dr. Saylor in December with severe back and neck pain stemming from my Celiac Disease, anemia, and poor lifestyle choices. I was immediately treated with great kindness, care, and overall concern for my pain. With Dr. Saylor’s adjustments, diet advice, and exercise routines my anemia is gone, I am in minimal pain and have enough energy and motivation to get through the day. I am now confident and ready to go off to college with my new healthy habits and will definitely come back to see Dr. Saylor on all my breaks for an adjustment. Her treatments are truly life-changing!

— Maria

"Dr Saylor is a life saver!"

Dr Saylor is a life saver! I have many physical ailments that can be debilitating. I always feel better after she works on me. Thank you Dr Saylor for caring so much about your patients.

— Cindy

"compassionate and highly knowledgeable"

Dr. Saylor is compassionate and highly knowledgeable. I appreciate the time that she spent with me to review all aspects of how to live a healthier life with the aid of chiropractic care as well.

— Andi

"I HIGHLY recommend her!"

Dr. Saylor is wonderful. She takes the time each session to address a particular issue, and does some muscle work too. I HIGHLY recommend her!

— Kelly

"Dr. Saylor is awesome."

Dr. Saylor is awesome. Thanks for seeing me today! I already feel better!

— Mark


I sort of doubted & pooh poohed chiropractic my whole life until about 10 years ago when suffering from a really bad shoulder & neck strain…I was convinced to give it a try….went to a wonderful man back then (who has since retired) who MADE A BELIEVER OUT OF ME!!! Really HELPED ME a ton!! I came across Dr. Saylor more or less by accident when she was at an office very close to our home….& she WOWED me!!! I truly believe that real, authentic healthcare humans have a very special gift & it is so with Dr. Saylor….I have been in her very capable hands for over a year now…& I am so grateful to have found her…I can VERY TRUTHFULLY say that there has NEVER been one visit to her for a treatment that I didn’t leave feeling & MOVING SO MUCH BETTER than when I entered! Best of luck Dr. Saylor in your new location!! God bless you in the New Year to come…..may it be full to the brim & overflowing with exciting new BLESSINGS!! Please feel free to use me as a wholehearted reference ANY TIME!!!

— From your grateful patient, Alexis

"I highly recommend Saylor Chiropractic"

After a life of intense sports and working out, and throughout my pregnancy. Dr. Saylor has been the perfect fit for helping me with my back/neck pain consistently and preparing my body to promote a healthy, well-positioned birth for our daughter. We have consistently been seeing Dr. Saylor for the past year, pregnancy and post-birth for myself and our newborn baby to ensure we are aligned for optimal healing and immune and digestive system functionality. Our healing has fast-tracked after a healthy birth, and it’s been a wonderful journey. I highly recommend Saylor Chiropractic for your family care. She is an amazing doctor and cares so much about her patients and their health.

— Tasha

"I give Dr. Saylor my highest recommendation!"

I have had increasing shoulder and arm pain, even down my back, for the past 7 months. I kept trying home remedies, wanting to avoid traditional medical treatments. The past few months, sleep has been a challenge every night because of the pain.

I finally relented, knowing that I needed some help. I got online to search for a chiropractor. I read several bios, finally choosing Ashley Saylor. I am so glad that I did! In just over 2 weeks the pain has decreased drastically to the point that I was able to sleep through the night last night and I have enjoyed a pain-free day today.

Dr. Saylor is an incredibly caring and competent chiropractor. Her heart is absolutely focused on the total health and well-being of her patients. I give Dr. Saylor my highest recommendation!

— Linda

"Dr. Saylor is the only chiropractor who has helped my shoulder injury."

I’ve been seeing chiropractors since I was a young teenager. I can say with certainty that Dr. Saylor is the best chiropractor I’ve ever seen. She has done such an amazing job helping me with a lower back and shoulder injury. Dr. Saylor is the only chiropractor who has helped my shoulder injury. I went from barely being able to do certain exercises to doing them with no pain at all.

— Clayton

"Trust me when I say this, she is well worth the service and will help you mentally and physically strong!"

Moved out from Illinois to Colorado in the summer of 2018 and left a very reputable chiropractic provider when I did move. Took me almost 3 years and 4 providers before I came across Dr. Saylor. She is what I figure to be the best (hands down) I have had since I started going to see chiropractic care almost 12 years ago. One big issue I had was stomach issues and acid reflux…with some suggestions from her and session visits, I am currently all cleared up on these previous ongoing issues. Trust me when I say this, she is well worth the service and will help you mentally and physically strong!!!

— Terry

"She has always helped with my medical problems."

I’ve been going to Dr. Saylor for over ten years. She has always helped with my medical problems. I use to be on allergy shots and now I don’t really have a problem with allergies. My earaches have gone away too! She’s amazing.

— Rebecca

"I feel super lucky to have discovered Dr Saylor!"

Dr Saylor is the best chiropractor (by far) that I’ve ever seen! She will give you a plan that incorporates simple but very effective exercises to facilitate the treatment. Dr Saylor explained about muscle imbalance and gave additional instruction on lightweight lifting which is also critical. Finally, Dr Saylor is super knowledgeable and great at adjusting! I prefer a stronger approach which Dr Saylor has no problem doing! But if you like a lighter touch I’m sure the doctor can accommodate. I feel super lucky to have discovered Dr Saylor!!

— David

Below is a limited list of conditions that we are very effective in treating.