Do you brush your teeth twice a day? Sure! It is a part of your daily routine for good health and dental hygiene. Did you know that regular chiropractic care falls along the same lines concerning your overall health?

Your teeth are very important to your overall health. Maintaining good dental hygiene is a natural part of our daily routine. Flossing, brushing and mouth wash…all to keep your mouth healthy which also plays a key role into how your overall health will be!

Your spine and nervous system are of the same concept. You, however are not able to adjust yourself, so you see your Chiropractor! Routine chiropractic care each month is the equivalent of “flossing your spine”. By taking unwanted pressure off your nerves, you are allowing your nervous system to function free of interference.

This picture might be gross, but consider this…you can see your teeth but you cannot see what your spine looks like. Just because you cannot see degeneration, misalignment, disc issues, etc. does not mean they are not there. Let’s keep your spine healthy and strong!