Sciatica and low back pain are quite common in our world today. With such high demand for intense production to create profit, we tend to see our minds to a reality of what health truly is. You go about your day with an ache here, pain there, maybe at times burning or sharp shooting sensations occur. You take an Advil and poof!…your aches are gone, but are they really? I will give you the broken down scientific version of what low back pain and sciatica really are. Your lower back AKA Lumbar Spine are comprised of 5 vertebrae, 5 nerves and an abundance of muscle and vadcularity. These nerves bundle into a plexus called the Lumbar Plexus. When a vertebrae misaligned placing unwanted pressure on a nerve or overly irritates it, the result is: INFLAMMATION–>MUSCLE SPASMS/TENSION–>PAIN–>DIS-EASE. These nerves travel down to every part of your thighs front and back, lower legs and feet. They also join your Sacral Bone AKA Tailbone to also make up the Sacral Plexus. This makes up your Sciatic Nerve and many others. Your glutes which are made up of 3 muscles: Gluteus Maximus, Medius and Minimus. Beneath those you have the 8 deep muscles, one being the Piriformis. This muscle is pierced by the Sciatic Nerve, so when you are experiencing symptoms of Sciatica, you are also experiencing irritation of the Piriformis. When your muscles are inflammed, tense, in spasm, guarding, it will place pressure on anything around it. Result = Symptoms. Masking your symptoms with various helpers does not fix the problem. It prolongs it. Chiropractic care looks to finding the misaligned vertebrae and adjusting it back to its specific position which results in RELIEF!

The key points to take home, are:

Misalignment causes the body to fight resulting in INFLAMMATION–>PAIN–>SYMPTOMS.

How can we help? Thorough, specific, chiropractic care I’m addition to strethening weak areas and stretching tense ones.

Chiropractic does not cure the problem…it simply addresses it and works with the body to help restore it back to its proper position.

“Pain is always the last symptom to show up and the first to go”. Listen to your body…it is quite intelligent!

Dr. Saylor