Having trouble really understanding how chiropractic works? Here is a fantastic example!

Your brain communicates with your body through your nervous system. The spine houses the spinal cord. When the spine shifts, locks in various positions, is injured…or having emotional stress, physical stress or chemical stress will also throw off the nervous system = poorly functioning nervous system with decreased signals from the brain down the cord out to every nerve in the body.


Pain is usually the LAST symptom to show up and the FIRST to go. Your pain and misalignment do not show up out of nowhere…they are brought on by cumulative activities (aka overuse), traumas, stress that your body will deal with until it is unable to deal with it anymore and sends pain signals to tell you something is wrong.
Monthly chiropractic care is so important to your overall health! Even if you are feeling great, get your monthly spinal check up to attain good health and wellness as preventative measures in excellent health for you and your loved ones!

Have a great day everyone!
Dr. Saylor