Do you know how vertebral subluxations (misalignment) might effect your body and nervous system?

Stomach indigestion…1 of 2 scenarios

1. Poor diet leading to decreased production of stomach acid causing a viscerosomatic response.
2. Pressure on a nerve caused by misalignment decreasing the proper nerve flow for the stomach to churn and produce adequate Hydrochloric Acid for breaking down foods. This causes a somaticviscero response.

Soma = Muscle Viscera = Organ

Taking antacids actually further inhibit the production of stomach acid (HCL), which further perpetuates the ongoing issue.

How can chiropractic help? By removing unwanted pressure from a nerve, you are allowing the brain to send signals down the spinal cord, out to each and every nerve. Remember, each nerve in your spinal column controls EVERY organ/muscle/joint/vessel in your body. Keeping the signals clear and free of interruption is key to great health and wellness!

Chiropractic care is more then simply relieving pain…it is a way of life!

Have a blessed day friends!
Dr. Saylor