Normal “C” curve VS. Straight Neck “Military” Neck:

1.) Your cervical spine (NECK) is the most important part of your spine. Every aspect of your spinal column is important to your overall health. Your cervical spine sets the bar if you will for the rest of the spine. Like a set of domino’s (not the pizza :)) if the first vertebral segment (C1-ATLAS) in your neck is aligned well, so follows the rest.

2.) Picture a heavy ball on top of a straight axis…now think about how the weight of that ball is distributed over the straight axis. It would not be stable. Now picture the ball on top of a C curved axis…this would have give/support which in turn would keep the ball balanced and stable. This applies to the weight of your head over the cervical spine.

3.) Why is chiropractic care so important to your overall health? Because, keeping the those nerves functioning free on interference from a misaligned vertebrae will keep signals flowing from the brain down the spinal cord out to the body health and strong!

C Curve:
-Good Health
-Decreased Pain
-Decreased Inflammation

Straight Neck or Reversed Curve:
-Poor Health

A well adjusted spine = Great Health!

Have a great day!
Dr. Saylor