What a pesky thing for your stomach to not work as it should! Do you know what acid reflux truly is?

Most people understand it to be from acidic, spicy, fried foods, etc. While these foods may lead to stomach upset, this is NOT the main cause. What happens, is we have the acid pumps in our stomachs called Hydrochloric Acid Pumps (HCL). When there is not enough HCL to help churn food, you have undigested food particles and this in turn causes gastric juices to go up into the esophagus causing acid reflux or “heart burn”. It may also be from the esophageal sphincter not opening and closing properly. Common remedies include TUMS, Pepsid or other anti-acids of sorts. The problem here (although some might argue with me on this) is the stomach is not producing enough acid. Taking these items for temporary relief the problem may cause more problems with reflux.

HCL pumps down—> Food not digested—>Reflux —> SYMPTOMS

Increase HCL production (Apple Cider Vinegar) —> Acid churns food —-> Decreased Symptoms

Apple Cider Vinegar is the new wonder drug of the 21st century! It has been around for ages. The Greek’s & Egyptians used it regularly for medicinal purposes. What this does is create an alkaline environment inside your body. What does this mean for your health?

Alkaline pH —> EASE—> Decreased Inflammation —> GOOD HEALTH!

Acidic pH —> Inflammation —> Pain —> DISEASE —> Illness —??? POOR HEALTH

Disease and inflammation thrive in acidic environments. Alkalizing your body with the proper foods, water and apple cider vinegar help in this process. You may think, well vinegar is acidic…you would be right. The other side of this, however is once the vinegar enters your GI tract and blood stream it becomes alkaline or neutral. Hot Lemon Water has the same effect. While it is acidic in your mouth and esophagus, it is very important to remember to cut these with 5-8 ounces of water and to brush your teeth immediately after use.

Apple Cider Vinegar is anti-inflammatory, alkalizing and helps enhance your overall health! I know it has a rather unpleasant taste, however it is worth it to better your health. Sparkling water or a very low sugar juice is recommended to mix the 1 ounce of vinegar to 5-8 ounces of either beverage.

Cheers to your health friend!

Dr. Saylor